Announcing Barclay Bath Products

logoAppliances Connection is extremely proud to announce that we will now be carrying bath products from Barclay, a renowned and respected manufacture of all manner of bathroom fixtures and fittings. Their beautiful, high quality products are some of the finest in the industry, each made with the best in modern manufacturing. Every Barclay product is built to last, each one an almost heirloom-quality fixture sure to serve for years upon years.

Vessel 010Barclay has been in business since 1982, but has a legacy that goes back to 1933, when it was originally founded at Sterling Showers, where their innovative Converto shower unit helped spark the shower revolution in the twentieth century, bringing clean and water-saving bathing to homes where it would never have been possible before by providing claw tubs with a reliable showerhead and curtain rack. Since that time, Barclay has expanded into every category of bathroom product, bringing the same commitment to high-quality long-lasting design and construction to everything from showers to bathtubs to sinks to toilets, even mirrors and sink vanities. With well-researched and beautiful designs, Barclay is always on the cutting edge of home decor trends, offering everything from clean, ultra-modern designs to timeless classic looks. With Barclay, you can design your bathroom exactly the way you want to.

Tub Cover 054

Home interior designers have traditionally called the bathroom the most neglected room in the house, a purely functional space into which went little thought and less effort. But all that has changed, and Barclay is at the forefront of the bathroom design revolution the same way they were the vanguard of the shower revolution in the 1930’s. These are extraordinary bathroom product made by an extraordinary company that has worked hard to develop products that bring an atmosphere of class and elegance even to that most utilitarian space of them all, the bathroom, with a non-nonsense attitude and dedication to craftsmanship and good work.

It’s that attitude and dedication that has earned Barclay their place in our catalog of remarkable things.


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