Let’s Make a Reading Nook

The polar vortex may be easing over much of the country, but it’s still cold out there today, and that means it’s time to think warm thoughts. I don’t know about you, but I like to fantasize about setting up a cozy reading nook next to a warm fire, so I thought I’d share some great reading nook ideas with you.


Lane Summerlin Snuggler Recliner in Camel 

The most important part of a cozy reading area is to have the right chair. Believe me; I scoured AppliancesConnection.com to try and find the perfect one, and I believe this is it. It’s even called the snuggler, people. The snuggler. And doesn’t it look amazingly comfortable, like you could just melt into it? It sure does. And that means it’d be a great place to unwind with Martin Buber’s I and Thou. Or I dunno. Harry Potter.


Ambella 01129-400-061 Floral Electric Fireplace

As long as we’re dreaming, let’s dream big and kick in a full-on classical fireplace so we can enjoy the comforting heat of an open flame. This is made from cast stone and features a real black fossil stone top, and for convenience sake, features an on/off remote control. This is a clean, fume-free, smoke-free gas fireplace that doesn’t require kindling – just a natural gas connection. So curl up and read in ease.


Ambella 10200-800-001 Dalton Large 92″ Bookcase

What’s a reading nook without books? This luxurious bookshelf gives you an awesome place to store your books, right within reach of your bone-meltingly comfortable recliner. Combined with the fireplace, you’ll be warming yourself in heat and class all at once, ensconced in the perfect nook.


Coaster 970034 Oriental Spring Rug

Finally, let’s complete our nook with a decorative rug. This beautiful oriental-style spring rug features traditional design and modern manufacturing techniques, making it the perfect accent to any reading corner.


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