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Kelly Ripa, Electrolux, and New York City

ImageIt was a wild time in Columbus Circle yesterday, where Electrolux hosted a remarkable one-day extravaganza. It was called the Electrolux Perfect Temp Setting, and the centerpiece was a structure designed to dramatically demonstrate the power of Electrolux refrigerators by letting you effectively walk around inside of one. And, because Electrolux is awesome, Kelly Ripa was there. She’s a captivatingly pleasant person to be around, and she brings her charm, charisma, and magnetism to everything she touches. So kudos to Electrolux.

ImageThis had clearly originally been designed to offer an impressive display of Electrolux’s cooling capabilities and its Perfect Temp system, but — unfortunately for Electrolux — yesterday in New York was a spectacular, oddly-cool day. Unusual for late July, the high yesterday was eighty degrees, and there was a cool breeze blowing throughout, which limited the shock value of the display, but nothing quite compares to the experience of walking around inside a refrigerator, and even if the weather didn’t entirely cooperate, the system functioned perfectly and was nicely chilly. If the main selling point of any refrigerator is its ability to effectively keep food fresh, any product that can keep itself that consistently cool certainly has the AppliancesConnection seal of approval.

And it wasn’t just giant refrigerator rooms: there was a wide selection of gourmet cocktails and popsicles available on demand, apparently chosen by the wonderful Ms. Kelly Ripa herself. So, while it wasn’t terribly hot yesterday, cocktails and popsicles are never unwelcome.

The crew from Appliances Connection also had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Ripa, who we of course assured we were all big fans.  It was a remarkable and unforgettable experience to hang out in a big refrigerated room with one of the most famous — and most gracious — women in America.

So, Electrolux provided a fun time on a beautiful summer’s day for everyone who stopped by, and very effectively demonstrated it’s Perfect Temp system. It was a blast, and we here at Appliances Connection certainly hope for more like this in the future.


Kelly Ripa, refrigerated


How to Have Luxury Appliances in a Small Apartment

The smaller the space you live in, the more you become aware of the fact that appliances are kind of a necessary evil. You can’t really go without a washer and dryer, but you also kind of hate wasting the floor space on them – it’s a love/hate relationship. Although you can’t omit these necessities from your tight quarters entirely, there are a few ways to save space when choosing and organizing your appliances, so don’t think your walls are closing in on you just yet.

The Washer-Dryer Combo

If your apartment is tiny, you don’t likely have a laundry room or laundry closet. That’s why small-apartment dwellers thank their lucky stars for the washer-dryer combo. It takes up half the space of a typical washer and dryer setup and works just as well. You can also find them at a reasonable price – they’ll cost around the same as buying the two separate units.

The Wall-Mount

Small kitchens mean small (if any) counter space. If you stock your counter with a microwave, a toaster oven, a blender, and whatever else you might need, you’re not going to have any room for preparing food. It’s fairly easy to create a shelf or cabinet for your small appliances so that they’re kept on the wall rather than on the counter. You’d be surprised how much more open a kitchen looks when the countertop is organized.

The Combo Oven

They say you should only keep appliances you use on a daily basis, and ditch the rest (that means that juicer you got for Christmas last year should probably go in the ‘yard sale’ pile). If you’re the type of person that uses your oven, steamer, and microwave all the time, you’ll be pleased to know that combo ovens exist. Consolidating those three appliances into one saves you a ton of space and is super practical for daily use.

I’ve Furnished my Bedroom…Now What?


Your bedroom is your sanctuary – a little getaway spot to call your own. Just because you don’t often bring visitors in there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate it nicely and give it some ambience! A little goes a long way in a bedroom – some cheap bedroom furniture, light fixtures, and maybe some art can help you to create a soothing environment in which you can relax.


Lighting is extremely important for creating a restful ambiance. Don’t settle for centered ceiling fixtures; choose something a bit softer like lamps with lampshades. Be sure to go for a soft white bulb as opposed to something harsherand you may even find that putting dimmers on your light switch makes a huge difference. Shop around for lampshades that disburse the light in a way that creates a pleasing atmosphere, and don’t forget to arrange the fixtures strategically. For example, having a lamp by your bed for some night-time reading is always a good idea.


It’s not always in the cards (read: the budget) to swap out your carpet for hardwood or vice versa, but you can always add to your color scheme and create a neater look by strategically placing throw rugs. A lot of people like to put a big throw rug right under the bed to sort of frame it on the floor, which gives the room a more organized look. Choose a pop of color if the rest of your room is neutral, and use other small decorative accents to play off of it.


There are many different options for wall décor. Try getting a roll of stick-on patterned wallpaper and applying it to the wall behind your bed for a room-opening wall accent. For something less bold, find artwork that fits in with the color scheme of the room. There are many small touches you can add to accent any colors in your décor; decorative throw pillows, lamp bases, bed skirts, and curtains are subtle ways to bring the room together.

Back to School: Must-Haves for Every College Student

The college is picked and the move-in date is set.  Now all that is left before moving into the dorms is shopping.   While figuring out what to buy for your new room can be awesome and at the same time confusing, there are some dorm items that are a must-have for every college student. For example, every student needs an alarm clock and a laptop. Depending on the college or individual, here are a few essential items for every dorm room.

Add a few extra chairs for seating and entertainment.

Everyone hangs out in each other’s rooms, from a study group session to all of your friends getting together on a Friday night.  Unfortunately, most schools will only provide desk chairs.  Consider buying a comfortable lounge chair or bean bag chair so that your guests will have somewhere to sit.  Also, for entertainment, buy a game table so that you enjoy a fun game with friends. 

Warm your food up with a microwave.

In a cubicle of a dorm, there is very little space.  The perfect space saving appliance is a microwave. You can quickly warm up a meal right before class, whether it’s heating up a cup of soup or creating a small bowl of mac n’ cheese. 

Consider buying a compact refrigerator.

A mini fridge is a must have appliance for your dorm room, because they are great for storingcold drinks.  You will never have to visit the vending machine in the residence hall or visit the cafeteria across campus. Your best bet would be to get one that is compact, so you can put it right next to your bed.

Bring an extension cord and power strip.

Most dorm rooms do not have enough outlets. With your computer, alarm clock, and cell phone charger, there are a lot of electronics that need to be powered up into your room.  Bring along a couple of extension cords and a power strip for all of your gadgets. 

Remember to make a list of what the school will make available for your dorm.  Check out the school’s housing website to see what items will be provided in the roomto save time and money on something that is already provided in the dorm.

Healthy Eating Tips for Summer

Usually when people resolve at New Year’s to lose weight, their goal is to be swimsuit-ready by June. Let’s face it…that doesn’t always happen. But, hey, at least it’s never too late to get on the wagon, and one could easily argue that summer is the best time of the year for doing so. No one wants to be snacking on heavy, greasy food while sweating out in the heat, anyway, so you’ve got that as your foundation – here are some more tips for summer weight loss.

Stay Away from Summer’s Fattening Foods

Unfortunately, a lot of summer activities do have sneaky, calorie-packing culprits. Step away from the ice cream truck! If you’re going to a baseball game or concert, try filling up beforehand, so you can avoid those high-calorie (and needlessly expensive) hotdogs, nachos, and soft pretzels. Even better – swap out those giant frozen cocktails (which, depending on size, can add up to 900 calories) for some light beer.

Take Advantage of Fresh Produce

The best part of summer is the fresh produce stands on the side of the road. From summer squash to fresh tomatoes to summer berries, summer is the best time of the year for all-natural eats. You can use them for anything – slice up some lemons for some flavorful and refreshing water, or put some mangos on the grill as a delicious appetizer.

Speaking of the Grill…

If you don’t already have a grill, you should get to shopping! Grilling is one of the most delicious ways to prepare healthy foods like lean chicken, turkey burgers, shrimp kebabs, and more. A lot of the BBQ grills for sale are extremely inexpensive this time of year, and it’s a great investment to make. Nearly everything tastes great on the grill, just look up some recipes and get creative!

Split System Cooling: The Central Air Alternative

Split System Cooling: The Central Air Alternative

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