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The Top Five Most Important Household Objects

Have you ever considered the many every-day items you use in your home on a daily basis? Some of the most common items are ones that many of us have never done without – however, these are inventions that once revolutionized the world. Much like the internet, cell phones and cable TV have changed the way we communicate and get information in the past couple of decades, inventions such as a refrigerator or washing machine once changed lives. The following is a list of the top five household items that have defined our living situations since their inception.

#1 The Bed

Whether you’re in it for your standard eight hours, a quick cat nap, or resting due to illness, there is at least a single bed in nearly every house. This masterwork of carpentry is the centerpiece to any personal space, equivalent to the refrigerator within the kitchen. There are more designs for beds than practically any other piece of furniture in existence.

#2 The Refrigerator

Not surprisingly, the most important kitchen appliance is where we keep food that can spoil. Prior to the invention of the common fridge, families had to receive large chunks of ice and place them into a container to keep their milk from going bad. This was fairly inconvenient, but also where we get the term “ice box” from. Thankfully, we no longer have to deal with the water that collected once the large chunk of ice melted.

#3 The Air Conditioner

It is said that mankind’s greatest power is to alter the environment to its need and comfort. Nothing exemplifies this idea greater than the air conditioner. Anyone who has lived through a sweltering summer day will understand immediately how important this machine is, second in comfort control only to the heater.

#4 The Personal Computer

While it may have only made its appearance as a common sight in households fifteen years ago, it is quickly climbing the charts as one of the most frequently seen items in homes. Aside from improving organizational and mathematical skills, the home computer also allows for access to the internet. With the rate at which information is exchanged in the 21st century, not having a computer can be a major inconvenience.

#5 The Washing Machine

Fashion choice might different from person to person, but everyone needs to keep their clothing clean. We have come a long way from scrubbing our garments in a basin, and most children these days won’t ever know what a washboard is. With famous brands creating household names such as the LG front load washer, washing machines have become somewhat of a fashion piece in their own right in recent years. 


Initial Steps After Moving into a New House

Moving into a new home is an exciting event for anyone, but it can be an overwhelming affair. Even after you find the time to pack, the means of transporting everything, and manage to get to the new house in one piece, there are still several other obligations that must be met. Though you might want to put off any other tasks until after you’ve had some time to relax, waiting too long can actually make your situation less tolerable. Consider the following tasks that ought to be done as soon as possible after moving.

Changing your Address

Nobody likes getting bills in the mail, but not paying them can get you into a world of trouble. Neglecting your payments due to not receiving the bill might not seem like your fault, but if you fail to change your address after moving you can be held responsible. Take a trip to the post office and fill out the requisite paperwork before too much time passes, otherwise you may end up paying lay fees or missing out on other important letters.

Get New Locks

Needless to say, your locks are what prevent criminals or other unwanted people from entering your home. When you move into a new house, however, there is the possibility that previous owners may have retained an old key. If the real estate agency fails to replace the locks themselves, this means a stranger might have full access to you and your family. It only takes a little bit of money and time to insure your protection after moving in.

Update Your Furniture

You may be tired once you get to your new house, but sleeping on the floor isn’t a long-term solution. If you weren’t lucky enough to be able to bring all of your furniture with you, it’s time to seek out new dressers, chairs, or beds. Seek out the best place to buy bedroom furniture near your new home so that you are comfortable as soon as possible, then focus on other rooms according to your priorities and family needs.

Set up the Utilities

You can’t very well live without lights, water, or heat. Many real estate agencies will help you with making sure that all of these are turned on before you arrive, but certain districts might make this difficult. If you find that any of these services aren’t working when you first arrive at the new location, place a call to the local utility companies and set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Meet American Comfort

That dang polar vortex just won’t go away, will it? Temperatures are at record chills across much of the United States, and Atlanta is so snowed under (for Atlanta) that the city has more or less temporarily collapsed. Which means that. for those of you aren’t trapped on the beltways surround the Georgian metropolis, it’s time to think about warming up. We’re at least a month out from appreciably warm temperatures, so heating is still important. And if your heating at home isn’t quite up to the task — I know mine isn’t — then I’d like to introduce you to some friends of mine.

Meet American Comfort.

Yes, Virginia, there is still comfort in America, low as those temperatures might be, and American Comfort is one of the companies keeping you warm. For many years, American Comfort has been a world leader in portable and easy climate control. They have a comprehensive line of home heaters ready to make you toasty warm. With everything from traditional heaters to innovative portable infrared heaters (which are much more energy efficient), you know that you’ll be able to find exactly the right heater to kick your home from “slightly chilly” into “just right” territory in no time.

American Comfort products are all made to be efficient, affordable, long-lasting, and attractive. These are heaters with refinement and class; beautifully-designed and seamlessly engineered for excellence and perfection, featuring technology that prevent overheating, lessen the risk of starting a fire, and produce an amazing, luxirious, soothing warm that won’t escape the room. Forward-looking designs that are perfect for every home; that’s what American Comfort offers, with quality they stand by.

That means that you can wall yourself off from the ravages of winter for years to come, safely tucked away in the warm embrace of American Comfort.

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