Initial Steps After Moving into a New House

Moving into a new home is an exciting event for anyone, but it can be an overwhelming affair. Even after you find the time to pack, the means of transporting everything, and manage to get to the new house in one piece, there are still several other obligations that must be met. Though you might want to put off any other tasks until after you’ve had some time to relax, waiting too long can actually make your situation less tolerable. Consider the following tasks that ought to be done as soon as possible after moving.

Changing your Address

Nobody likes getting bills in the mail, but not paying them can get you into a world of trouble. Neglecting your payments due to not receiving the bill might not seem like your fault, but if you fail to change your address after moving you can be held responsible. Take a trip to the post office and fill out the requisite paperwork before too much time passes, otherwise you may end up paying lay fees or missing out on other important letters.

Get New Locks

Needless to say, your locks are what prevent criminals or other unwanted people from entering your home. When you move into a new house, however, there is the possibility that previous owners may have retained an old key. If the real estate agency fails to replace the locks themselves, this means a stranger might have full access to you and your family. It only takes a little bit of money and time to insure your protection after moving in.

Update Your Furniture

You may be tired once you get to your new house, but sleeping on the floor isn’t a long-term solution. If you weren’t lucky enough to be able to bring all of your furniture with you, it’s time to seek out new dressers, chairs, or beds. Seek out the best place to buy bedroom furniture near your new home so that you are comfortable as soon as possible, then focus on other rooms according to your priorities and family needs.

Set up the Utilities

You can’t very well live without lights, water, or heat. Many real estate agencies will help you with making sure that all of these are turned on before you arrive, but certain districts might make this difficult. If you find that any of these services aren’t working when you first arrive at the new location, place a call to the local utility companies and set up an appointment as soon as possible.


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