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Home Projects Perfect for Fall

Autumn is just about to begin, and what better time is there to start working on home improvement? Although the weather may be perfect, sometimes the cost that goes with seasonal projects isn’t always as breezy. If you’re still looking to achieve your goals on a tight budget, there are still plenty of options for the “tight wallet” aficionado. So, before you shell out big bucks for a second-rate job, check out these brilliant alternatives!

Transform your Kitchen

Is your microwave on the fritz, or your freezer not so cool any longer? Don’t fear, for fall is the perfect time to update your kitchen! Some of the biggest holidays are coming up, so you’ll want to make sure you get fully functioning appliances in preparation for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Discount refrigerators, toaster ovens, and other kitchen wares can make what would otherwise be impossibly expensive a simple chore. Your new kitchen will be the perfect way to begin a home-wide renovation, but remember: think big, start small!

Replace Unsightly Fixtures

A beautiful home can be ruined if the first thing people notice is a hideous door or window. What sort of message are you sending when the most welcoming part of your home is chipped or broken? Installing a door is actually relatively easy when compared to everything else that goes into constructing a house, and they can be well within your budget. Not paying for labor will free up more funds for other projects, after all!

Lose the Old Paper

Were you unfortunate enough to buy a house from previous owners with horrible taste? It happens to the best of us, but there’s no reason to stare at that terrible wallpaper any longer! With a small collection of tools and materials, all worth less than $100 together, you could replace it by yourself. Considering that an interior decorator or carpenter would want nearly five times that amount, it may be worth rolling up your own sleeves.

What home improvement tasks are you looking forward to this autumn? What ways are you planning to take care of them on a budget?


Why Go Out When You Could Have a Game Room?

Everyone needs time to relax, and who doesn’t love a nice game of chess? What if playing billiards or taking in a rousing game of foosball is more your speed? If not, then perhaps chess or shuffleboard is how you like to unwind. No matter what you choose, the odds are that everyone else in your family will likely enjoy partaking in a few games during their free time. Likewise, there’s a strong chance that your friends could use a new place to gather for group activities. If you’re tired of needing to head to an expensive venue to enjoy a simple game, why not invest in your own entertainment room?

Games? Games!

Games? Games!

As you most likely know, putting together a game room in your own home can be a bit of work.  This can be an increasingly difficult project, depending on how many different activities you wish to make available. The payoff in the end, however, is worth the effort. You may even be surprised to find out that the hardest choice you’ll have to make is limiting how many great games you try to cram into your room. What about expense, you ask? Once you’ve figured out which room you want to convert, the costs can be diminished with some simple tips.

First of all, using stored furniture in your house can reduce the cost on simple things such as chairs or end tables. Also, if there’s a television or radio that is barely used in its current place, move it into your new entertainment room where it will serve its purpose better. These small tasks will aid you in saving money, allowing you to buy the game tables that will really pull the room together.

Do you have an entertainment room in your house? If you do, how did you decorate it and what sort of games did you include?

Ushering in Autumn with Style!

The hot and sticky season is finally coming to an end, and soon enough we will be graced with the beginning breezy autumn. While the summer may have been filled to bursting with fun and adventure, autumn brings along with it the perfect opportunity to redecorate the house. Changing up your home during the beginning of autumn not only helps to set the scenery for a new season, but it also gives you a chance to prepare for the upcoming string of holidays. November through January contain some of the biggest festivities, which means you might be expecting several visits from family and friends. Redecorating your home might help to reveal more opportunities to create open space for when the relatives start dropping in!

When discussing families and holidays, it’s impossible to stay away from the kitchen or dining room. Whether you’re planning to play host or simply want to leave the option open, seating space and arrangements can make or break a group dinner. If you find that your current furniture can barely sit the immediate family, it might be time to peruse new dining room sets. The same can be said for kitchen equipment – if you can’t handle making more than a frozen pizza in your oven, it would be best to fix the problem before it’s too late!

For many homemakers the busiest part of the year is just about to begin. Don’t let the hectic start of fall catch you off guard! Start small and work up to tackling the bigger challenged, such as planning out holiday meals. Lasting changes, such as replacing furniture, might even become permanent and help make your house more spacious or comfortable. Little by little your home will make the transition from summer sun to festive fall, and your family won’t believe their eyes!

How do you prepare for the autumn season? What kind of furniture or arrangements do you find most effective for large family dinners?

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