DIY Grill Maintenance

Pineapples, tilapia, filet mignon, shrimp…some things just taste better on the grill. Having a grill also makes for some fun family get-togethers in the spring and summer – hotdogs and hamburgers, a few beers, and the outdoors just epitomizes the fourth of July. If you’ve got a grill in your backyard, you need to maintain it properly to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Luckily, maintaining them is pretty easy and you can do the majority of it yourself.

Make sure to always keep clean burners. Do a particularly good clean on the first and last cooking sessions of the season, but keep them as clean as possible all year round. This can be done with a wire brush for the exterior areas and use pieces of wire to clean up any clogged up gas holes.

 Clean the racks regularly, too, to keep your food tasting better and the grill running efficiently. Use the wire brush to get the majority of the residue off, then lay a piece of tinfoil over the grids and let the heat run for ten minutes. This will make the rest of the baked-on food easier to get off.

Swap out your lava rock on a yearly basis, otherwise the drippings could cause it to catch fire. Consider using ceramic briquettes as they don’t run this risk and can be cleaned and reused.

Use ammonia or any other cleaner to clean the gas supply hose and grill exterior so that squirrels, raccoons, and other critters don’t feel tempted to chew on it. Also, keep grills covered when they are not in use with a high-quality rain cover.

It doesn’t hurt to rub some cooking oil on the outer body to slick off rain and help avoid rust, too.


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