How to Install Window Air Conditioning Units

If you don’t have a central HVAC system, you obviously don’t have to resort to dealing with unbearable heat. Window units are always an option; some even think that they are a better option because they can be less expensive to maintain and some are more energy-efficient. They’re fairly easy to install, too, and can be taken out of the window in the winter months if you want to keep them in better condition.


How do I choose the right model?

When you start shopping for air conditioner units you’re going to notice that they come in many different sizes and power levels. To make sure you’re not buying a unit that’s too powerful or not powerful enough, measure the room in which you plan to use it. For an average 150-250 square foot room, a climate control unit with 6,000 BTUs will be sufficient. If you’re using the unit for rooms that open up into other rooms, the entirety of the space needs to be taken into consideration. There are climate control unit calculators as well as an Energy Star chart available online to help you take other factors into consideration, such as how many people are typically in the room, and whether or not it’s a kitchen.


How do I install my new unit?

Be aware that this probably isn’t a job for just one man – no one wants to accidentally drop the unit out the window! Install the mounting brackets that came with the unit on the windowsill and in the surrounding walls. Attach the extenders to the unit which help to fill the space between the outer walls and the unit itself. Open the window wide and lift the unit into position. Usually, when properly settled, the unit should tilt outward in order to drain condensation more efficiently and prevent freezing. Fasten the brackets, and close the window tightly onto the unit. Secure the window in that position with screws if you feel it is necessary, then sit back and enjoy your new cool room!


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