Kelly Ripa, Electrolux, and New York City

ImageIt was a wild time in Columbus Circle yesterday, where Electrolux hosted a remarkable one-day extravaganza. It was called the Electrolux Perfect Temp Setting, and the centerpiece was a structure designed to dramatically demonstrate the power of Electrolux refrigerators by letting you effectively walk around inside of one. And, because Electrolux is awesome, Kelly Ripa was there. She’s a captivatingly pleasant person to be around, and she brings her charm, charisma, and magnetism to everything she touches. So kudos to Electrolux.

ImageThis had clearly originally been designed to offer an impressive display of Electrolux’s cooling capabilities and its Perfect Temp system, but — unfortunately for Electrolux — yesterday in New York was a spectacular, oddly-cool day. Unusual for late July, the high yesterday was eighty degrees, and there was a cool breeze blowing throughout, which limited the shock value of the display, but nothing quite compares to the experience of walking around inside a refrigerator, and even if the weather didn’t entirely cooperate, the system functioned perfectly and was nicely chilly. If the main selling point of any refrigerator is its ability to effectively keep food fresh, any product that can keep itself that consistently cool certainly has the AppliancesConnection seal of approval.

And it wasn’t just giant refrigerator rooms: there was a wide selection of gourmet cocktails and popsicles available on demand, apparently chosen by the wonderful Ms. Kelly Ripa herself. So, while it wasn’t terribly hot yesterday, cocktails and popsicles are never unwelcome.

The crew from Appliances Connection also had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Ripa, who we of course assured we were all big fans.  It was a remarkable and unforgettable experience to hang out in a big refrigerated room with one of the most famous — and most gracious — women in America.

So, Electrolux provided a fun time on a beautiful summer’s day for everyone who stopped by, and very effectively demonstrated it’s Perfect Temp system. It was a blast, and we here at Appliances Connection certainly hope for more like this in the future.


Kelly Ripa, refrigerated


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