Mini Split Air Conditioners Save the Ductless Home

In the summer heat, trying to get comfortable in a home without air conditioning is next to impossible. There’s simply nothing better than walking into a home that’s thirty degrees cooler after being outdoors on a hot summer day. Due to cost or convenience, for many people, window units and central cooling systems aren’t an option, and some home or apartment owners think their only option is to suffer. Thanks to the new kid on the block, though – the mini split air conditioner – this is not the case.

The mini split stands apart from the window unit and a central cooling system for one major reason: it does not require air ducts! Homes and apartments that don’t have central A/C often face issues when people live in the basement or other rooms with small windows; it’s difficult to get these rooms cool.Plus, modifying a home without existing ducts is extremely difficult and often expensive. Mini splits are easy to install and can cool any kind of room.

Mini splits work byusing refrigerant lines that run from one unit outside to the unit or units inside, rather than relying on ducts to force air through the house. The refrigerant cools the air as it moves into the house. Smaller homes or areas can do well with one unit, while others may need up to three to cool the entire home. The benefit of this is that you can cut costs in terms of cooling your home fairly easily. Plus, the refrigerant lines are very efficient, so even with a few units, you won’t be breaking the bank each month.

Don’t think that you’re doomed to a home without a cooling system in the summer. Mini split systems make cooling possible for any sort of home – even if you’re on a budget! 


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