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Ah, spring. The air is crisp. The birds are a-singin’. The clouds, white full, amble across the brightest cerulean blue sky you’ve ever seen. And Commander Bill “Space Ace” MacTaggart  is relaxing for the first time in what feels like years, flipping burgers on his Weber natural gas grill.

Was it really just a few weeks ago that he finally triumphed over Agaz-Umatah in that seemingly endless battle at Omega Rex? Had it been less than a month since he piloted  the California into the gaping maw of the Death Caw? He’d worked for so long, an entire lifetime it seemed, to finally rid the galaxy of its most profound existential threat, but now the work was over. Now, he could kick back, enjoy the most horrifyingly opulent government pension ever issued, and worry about nothing more pressing than making sure the burgers cooked evenly on both sides.

Oh, and they’d be cooking evenly. The Weber Genesis-series grill’s Flavorizer bars and stainless steel cooking grates would see to that. Those sear marks meant quality, he thought to himself. What a difference from the blaster sears that pocked the walls of his ship after that last firefight. Then, they signified only death, but here — a celebration of life. Of spring.

His whole surviving crew was with him, ready to eat the bounty about to come forth from its porcelain-enameled lid and expansive warming rack. Everything would be just right, he knew; he had been monitoring the cooking temperature on the lid-mounted thermometer. Nothing would go wrong. Nothing could go wrong. His wife by his side, his kids playing, his crew toasting the fallen — everything was as perfect as it could be.

The time for mourning was over. The time for family, fun, burgers, and 38,500 BTUs of grilling power was here.

Commander MacTaggart smiled. Thanks to this grill, it was a perfect day.

Star commander or no, you too can grill to the memory of your comrades at


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