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Your Kitchen is the Holiday Hotspot

Without a doubt, your kitchen is filled with countless appliances that work to make your life easier.For better or worse, however, there are certain times during the year when you can expect to spend longer stretches of time at the stove, oven, or skin.While your appliances are built to last, they are machines and capable to growing old after years of continual use. It can be exceptionally frustrating or upsetting when one of the devices you depend on finally stops working, especially since purchasing a new machine might cut into your Christmas budget. Thankfully, the best time to invest in a brand new appliance is right before the upcoming holidays.

No one wants the headache of replacing a portion of their kitchen, but Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to push appliances to their limit. If you’re expecting to cook for the holidays, it might be in your best interest to invest in a more modern device. Black Friday sales are the perfect reason to replace those beaten and worn machines, as prices drop rapidly during the highly anticipated day of shopping. Models like the wall oven microwave combo are great choices, since they also help to increase floor space in smaller kitchens, while clearing up countertops for further storage capabilities. If you haven’t been appliance shopping in a few years, it may also be a good idea to invest in something to replace last generation’s technology. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly difficult to find repair options for machines that are no longer serviceable.

Don’t turn your kitchen into a disaster area just before the holiday season. Using your appliances past their expected replacement date means taking a large risk, and being stuck without a method of baking on Christmas Eve would be terrible. Remember that purchasing early can save you time and money in the long run, while waiting until it’s too late might ruin your holiday dinner. Start searching now and find the right replacement appliance just in time for that much anticipated family gathering.

A New Appliance to be Thankful For

The autumn season is finally in full swing and, with October now behind us, most people are turning their attention to the next big celebration waiting in the wings. Thanksgiving, while a wonderful time to catch up with the family it can be extremely stressful on whoever is expected to cook. If working under a time constraint wasn’t enough, meals of larger sizes must be made in order to feed guests who have stopped in for the holiday.

In all of the hustle and bustle, it is important to remember that keeping your kitchen in top shape can help reduce the likelihood of accidents. Of all the appliances at your disposal, the oven will most likely be the busiest. If you’re still depending on an old, out dated appliance to take care of hours’ worth of cooking in a single day, perhaps it is time to upgrade. When shopping around for a new oven, be sure to keep in mind exactly what will work for your needs. Every house and kitchen needs something different, and there are certain questions you should be ready to answer before you begin.

For example, how much space does your kitchen offer? If you’re looking to create more through space, single wall ovens are sold in various widths to match standard cabinet sizes. Due to their design, wall ovens have slightly less interior capacity than a range oven, but cook and bake with just as much strength and consistency. Since less power will be used, however, owners will save money by replacing an existing appliance with a model having the same dimensions. By increasing your mobility in the kitchen, and reducing the cost of your electric bill, purchasing a new single wall oven is a win-win situation.

Have you ever needed to replace a major appliance before the holiday season? If so, which appliance and how did it improve your experience during the season?

Get Your Home in Gear Before Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and what better time is there to start working on interior home improvement? Although the weather may not be perfect, you can keep things feeling good by achieving your goals at a low price. If you still want to get work done on a tight budget, there are still plenty of options for the “Do It Yourself”-er in all of us. So, before you shell out big bucks for a second-rate job or appliance, check out these brilliant alternative. 

Replace That Old Dishwasher

A beautiful home can be ruined if the first thing people notice is a lousy kitchen. Think of the message you are sending when the room that people are expected to eat in is unpleasant.When compared to everything else that goes into constructing a house, installing new appliances is actually relatively easy with devices like a panel ready dishwasher  or new age refrigerator. Not paying for labor will free up more funds for other projects, after all!

Find a Better Source of Heat

Standard home heating can be expensive and bad for the environment, but new heating sources are easy to find. An electrician might charge an arm and a leg for his opinion alone. Instead, pick up a clean burning furnace for either inside or outside. Those fall nights can get pretty cold, and a cozy patio is the best place to stargaze.

Update those Walls

Were you unfortunate enough to buy a house from previous owners with horrible taste? It happens to the best of us, but there’s no reason to stare at that terrible wallpaper any longer! With a small collection of tools and materials, all worth less than $100 together, you could replace it by yourself. Considering that an interior decorator or carpenter would want nearly five times that amount, it may be worth rolling up your own sleeves.

A Simple Buying Guide for Dishwashers

Are you looking to buy a new dishwasher, but not sure where to start? Are you pressed for time, and need to replace that broken or outdated unit right now? Feeling in over your head is understandable, since dishwashers have advanced in complexity of design and use almost as much as a computer! Instead of relying on a gut decision, however, use some of these tips to guide you in the right direction for your next purchase.

What Is Your Budget?

The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping is how much you are willing to spend on a new dishwasher. If you are trying to keep a smaller budget, don’t get overly attached to a model priced at more than double what you can spend. However, if you do find something you adore, keep in mind that many retailers have sales or payment plans that you can work with.

Know Exactly What You Need

How many people will be using the dishwasher? How frequently will you be running the machine? Will all of your dishes need to be cleaned by it, or will you hand scrub pots and pans? It is advisable to sit down and think about what it is you’re looking for in your next dishwasher. With a wide variety of new features spread across many brands, you should have a good idea of your needs before setting foot in a store. These questions will also help you decide if you should go with a standard, compact, or drawer model. In general, dishwasher capacity is measured based on how many place settings you can fit in a single load. Here are the basic capacity ranges:

  • Compact: Up to eight five-piece place settings
  • Standard: Up to 12 five-piece place settings
  • Tall tub: Up to 14 five-piece place settings

Know More, Get More

Don’t get suckered into buying a device that has options or settings you might not need. It seems like everyone is advertising a new sensor or screen for their appliances. Do some reading about different brands and what technologies they’re promoting in their dishwashers and decide whether they would be helpful. Bosch dishwashers, for example, tend to be a nice balance between modern and utilitarian. 

Updating Your Kitchen Starts Here!

If your house is anything like the millions of others in America, there’s a strong chance it is full of various appliances. Your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom are occupied by various devices built with the purpose of making your life easier. For that reason it can seem like an absolute nightmare when otherwise these helpful machines suddenly stop working. Nobody wants the added headache of another debt, especially if it’s for an appliance you’ve already bought once before. Thankfully, with a little time and research you could easily save yourself hundreds of dollars!

Stoves and ovens are generally big ticket items and essential for those who don’t want to cook all of their food in a microwave! If eating cold food or TV dinners isn’t your idea of a good time, you could always look into upgrading your old machine today. Complex devices such as these might be confusing, but this is still your opportunity to update what was probably an outdated unit. Manufacturers are aware of how frustrating it can be when the devices we rely on break down and ensure that upgrades can be located with ease. The biggest decision you’ll need to make is picking which oven best fits the appeal of your kitchen.

Getting a new unit may sound like a wonderful idea, but what if you aren’t sure which appliance is best for you? There’s no shame in seeking out professional help, though slide in ranges are generally favored by savvy home owners. You never know, replacing your old stove may turn into a more rewarding experience than you would have expected! Imagine the relief that would come with knowing your stove will work for the next several years!

Have you ever replaced your stove before? If you have, how did you decide which unit would be best for your kitchen?

Modernizing That Old Home

Whether you’ve purchased an older house to save some money, or simply have been living on the same property for several decades, it might be about time to update that aged home. Upgrading real estate for the highest price is any owner or investor’s goal, and several easy tricks can transform an average property into a stellar home that attracts buyers and commands the highest price. The exterior is the first thing that prospective buyers see, and curb appeal is an integral component of total sale price. Kitchens are another key draw for most buyers, and a new floor, stove and refrigerator are cost-effective ways to add value to a home.

Updating the Bathroom

The home’s interior may not be as crucial to a first impression, but an updated bathroom improves a home’s resale value and makes it more attractive to all types of buyers. Investing a few dollars in new tile floors is an affordable way to add value to a home, and many handy homeowners finish their own projects over a weekend or two. In addition, new tubs, vanities and counters all complement each other to create a quality look that is sure to sell in any market conditions.

Modernize Appliances

New appliances that are designed for energy efficiency are another way for sellers to make their house more attractive, either to themselves or the market. Today’s fridges, freezers and freestanding ranges are also designed for maximum usability, and updating a kitchen with matching products is a great way to improve the quality of your property. During the currently tight market conditions, standing out from the competition is essential, and a totally redone kitchen is a great way to meet this challenge. With a host of different textures that work well with any theme, owners and investors can also use appliances to enhance any interior renovations.

Improving Curb Appeal

Havinga crisp exterior is easy for any home, you need only do some research and find out what you think looks best. One suggestion is to invite the surrounding environment closer and have a bit of verdant growth that adds color, height and shade. With an updated landscape, homeowners also create the lasting first impression that attracts buyers and wins them over.

Be Crafty with your New Dorm Room!

Moving out of your childhood home in order to attend college can be a terribly emotional experience, but shows a strong dedication to maturity and adulthood. Whether you choose to move to the other side of the country to attend a specialized university or rent an apartment in the next town over to stay local, being out on your own is a great experience that helps teach many of life’s most important lessons. Though your hands may be full with collecting transcripts and bidding farewell to family members, keep in mind that your living space may suddenly become much smaller once you move out. Often college-bound students lament the loss of their own room, and become resentful of their roommates for no reason other than needing to share a space with them. The following tips are intended to help the scholar away from home survive in a potentially cramped environment. 

Get to Know your Roommate’s Itinerary

College is a time for educational advancement, which generally means a good deal of studying. While being away from home also offers a heightened sense of liberty, it is important to remain courteous and keep in mind the needs of those with whom you live. Ask your roommate when they like to study, or need “quiet time” for other reasons, to avoid accidentally becoming a nuisance. The room is just as much theirs as it is yours, so reaching a compromise is the only way to maintain a healthy, happy relationship while sharing a room with a new friend. Don’t be afraid to inform your roommate of the times and days where you expect the same kindness. If you share a class, it might even help to set up a time to study together!

Determine Household Responsibilities

Very few people actually enjoy doing chores, but even fewer tend to enjoy living in a mess. Unfortunately, no one is going to elect to be the dorm room maid, so it’s best to discuss these things as soon as possible. Make a schedule and check list, taking all precautions to make sure the tasks are meted out fairly. Not only will this project you as a fair and unbiased roommate, it will also help to determine who isn’t pulling their weight. If you find that the house isn’t cleaned by the end of Monday morning, find out whose day that is and sit them down for a talk.

Look Toward Group Purchases

For better or worse, you and your roomies will be living together for the next several months or years! A good way to make the best of the situation is to enjoy furnishing the common areas together. Doing so on a budget can be even more fulfilling, as you can hunt for low prices and preferred styles as a group. Discount living room furniture is a good starting place, and then you can move on to finding a decent kitchen table! These little endeavors really help make the dorm feel like home.

Home Projects Perfect for Fall

Autumn is just about to begin, and what better time is there to start working on home improvement? Although the weather may be perfect, sometimes the cost that goes with seasonal projects isn’t always as breezy. If you’re still looking to achieve your goals on a tight budget, there are still plenty of options for the “tight wallet” aficionado. So, before you shell out big bucks for a second-rate job, check out these brilliant alternatives!

Transform your Kitchen

Is your microwave on the fritz, or your freezer not so cool any longer? Don’t fear, for fall is the perfect time to update your kitchen! Some of the biggest holidays are coming up, so you’ll want to make sure you get fully functioning appliances in preparation for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Discount refrigerators, toaster ovens, and other kitchen wares can make what would otherwise be impossibly expensive a simple chore. Your new kitchen will be the perfect way to begin a home-wide renovation, but remember: think big, start small!

Replace Unsightly Fixtures

A beautiful home can be ruined if the first thing people notice is a hideous door or window. What sort of message are you sending when the most welcoming part of your home is chipped or broken? Installing a door is actually relatively easy when compared to everything else that goes into constructing a house, and they can be well within your budget. Not paying for labor will free up more funds for other projects, after all!

Lose the Old Paper

Were you unfortunate enough to buy a house from previous owners with horrible taste? It happens to the best of us, but there’s no reason to stare at that terrible wallpaper any longer! With a small collection of tools and materials, all worth less than $100 together, you could replace it by yourself. Considering that an interior decorator or carpenter would want nearly five times that amount, it may be worth rolling up your own sleeves.

What home improvement tasks are you looking forward to this autumn? What ways are you planning to take care of them on a budget?

Why Go Out When You Could Have a Game Room?

Everyone needs time to relax, and who doesn’t love a nice game of chess? What if playing billiards or taking in a rousing game of foosball is more your speed? If not, then perhaps chess or shuffleboard is how you like to unwind. No matter what you choose, the odds are that everyone else in your family will likely enjoy partaking in a few games during their free time. Likewise, there’s a strong chance that your friends could use a new place to gather for group activities. If you’re tired of needing to head to an expensive venue to enjoy a simple game, why not invest in your own entertainment room?

Games? Games!

Games? Games!

As you most likely know, putting together a game room in your own home can be a bit of work.  This can be an increasingly difficult project, depending on how many different activities you wish to make available. The payoff in the end, however, is worth the effort. You may even be surprised to find out that the hardest choice you’ll have to make is limiting how many great games you try to cram into your room. What about expense, you ask? Once you’ve figured out which room you want to convert, the costs can be diminished with some simple tips.

First of all, using stored furniture in your house can reduce the cost on simple things such as chairs or end tables. Also, if there’s a television or radio that is barely used in its current place, move it into your new entertainment room where it will serve its purpose better. These small tasks will aid you in saving money, allowing you to buy the game tables that will really pull the room together.

Do you have an entertainment room in your house? If you do, how did you decorate it and what sort of games did you include?

Ushering in Autumn with Style!

The hot and sticky season is finally coming to an end, and soon enough we will be graced with the beginning breezy autumn. While the summer may have been filled to bursting with fun and adventure, autumn brings along with it the perfect opportunity to redecorate the house. Changing up your home during the beginning of autumn not only helps to set the scenery for a new season, but it also gives you a chance to prepare for the upcoming string of holidays. November through January contain some of the biggest festivities, which means you might be expecting several visits from family and friends. Redecorating your home might help to reveal more opportunities to create open space for when the relatives start dropping in!

When discussing families and holidays, it’s impossible to stay away from the kitchen or dining room. Whether you’re planning to play host or simply want to leave the option open, seating space and arrangements can make or break a group dinner. If you find that your current furniture can barely sit the immediate family, it might be time to peruse new dining room sets. The same can be said for kitchen equipment – if you can’t handle making more than a frozen pizza in your oven, it would be best to fix the problem before it’s too late!

For many homemakers the busiest part of the year is just about to begin. Don’t let the hectic start of fall catch you off guard! Start small and work up to tackling the bigger challenged, such as planning out holiday meals. Lasting changes, such as replacing furniture, might even become permanent and help make your house more spacious or comfortable. Little by little your home will make the transition from summer sun to festive fall, and your family won’t believe their eyes!

How do you prepare for the autumn season? What kind of furniture or arrangements do you find most effective for large family dinners?

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