Modernizing Appliances: How Much is Too Much?

ImageLiving in a time when technology is advancing at a rate faster than ever before can be extremely comforting when it comes to medicine and communication. It can become confusing when large scale corporations expect you to be perfectly comfortable with talking to your appliances. Recently, the big bandwagon that many home electronics companies seem too eager to jump upon is forcing their models into the “computer age”. The most obvious example of this overwhelming need to digitalize everything is the refrigerator that owners can freely communicate with.

Want to know how much milk is left? Simply ask the glowing screen on the front of your refrigerator to find out. Interested in cooking dinner for a few friends, but have no idea what to make? Just let the fridge decide for you. While these features might seem awesome at first, practicality soon catches up with novelty when it comes to futuristic appliances. First, in order to keep an accurate record of how much food is in the refrigerator, you actually have to key in the amount added or removed from the ice box. Failing to do so will lead to false testimonies, and the last thing you want to deal with at7:00 AM is drinking black coffee because your son or daughter forgot to punch in their withdrawal of breakfast milk.

Is it possible that our kitchen could do with a little modern updating? Of course, but the technology to make conversational appliances convenient without needing to obsessively catalogue your grocery usage does not yet exist. For the time being, we might have to deal with the fact that opening the door and taking a cursory glance at our provisions is the best way of figuring out what there is to eat.

When you look at refrigerators for sale, are you interested in the most advanced model or one that fulfills the simple need of keeping food cold? Are you interested in having a fully voice operated home, or are you satisfied with kitchen technology as it stands?


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