A Billion Ways that Brillion is Brilliant

We live in the future. I’m convinced of it. This is the future. The present is probably somewhere around 1978 or something. We have futuristic electronic music that can make any singer sound perfect. We can watch any TV show in the world over the internet, a giant network of interlinked computers that has more or less supplanted the physical world as the nexus of finance, entertainment, and, um, ordering pizza. Everything from wearable tech to tablets and smartphones have in many ways radically redefined how we live and interact here in the post-industrial information age West. We’re constantly connected, at home or away, via a complex interacting web of wires, processors, and radio signals, all coming together to form something simple: our lives, but better.

And now there’s a new development from GE, that storied name of home appliances and electronics, the company that built a  better microwave.


“Okay, it’s a car. We’ve invented the Pontiac Aztek.”

It’s called Brillion, and it’s better than the Pontiac Aztek.

Brillion is a brilliant new idea — smart appliances wirelessly connected to the internet, capable of being controlled remotely via smartphone. Simply put, you can turn on your oven before you even get home, and find it perfectly pre-heated and ready for the roast as soon as you walk in the door. It means your smartphone will receive notification when your food is done. It means you can adjust temperatures from your living room. In short, it means you’ve got a level of convenient control never before imagined.

Cooking…has changed.

Brillion is currently available for a small selection of appliances, but the rollout has been hugely successful, and 2014 will bring in new models capable of connecting to Brillion, meaning more options at more price points offering this amazing new level of versatility.



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