LG Mini Split Systems: Heating for Mild Climates

Well, it’s November, and that means it’s starting to turn a bit…wintry out there for lack of a better word. Autumnal, perhaps. But it’s starting to get nippy, and that means it’s time to start looking at heating solutions so you can enjoy winter from the comfort of your own home. If you live in upstate New York, Maine, Minnesota, the Alaskan bush, or any other part of the country notorious for being deathly cold in the wee months of the year, you’re going to want some kind of heavy-duty central heating system, perhaps even a fireplace to make sure you’ve got the warmth right where you need it: in a central location around which your family may picturesquely huddle. But if you’re a bit further from the stark cold, a full-scale heater probably won’t be necessary.

Might I recommend a mini split air conditioner system as a way to get out of the cold? Perhaps the powerful LG LMU540HV 54,000 BTU Mini Split System? But Appliances Connection Blog, you ask me, how can an air conditioner, even one as magnificent as the LG LMU540HV, keep me warm in the winter? Aren’t air conditioners there to cool things down? Well, yes, they are. But this particular unit has the amazing ability to generate heat as well, mild heat to help keep your temperate zone home comfortable year round without necessitating a complete separate unit. You see, the LG LMU540HV uses a heat pump both to cool and to heat a space, by using a small amount of energy to transfer heat either into our out of a room. They don’t create heat — they just move it about. And even when it’s cold outside, there’s still some heat — because atomic reactions are still happening. That means that, even if there’s isn’t a lot of heat, there’s enough to pull in from outdoors and bring it in. That’s a low-cost, low-fuel, efficient heating system, brought to you by the good people at The Laws of Physics.

This particular LG system is extremely powerful, capable of heating eight separate zones from one outdoor unit, all without any necessary ductwork installation. You just run lines from the unit to the rooms, each one capable of independent climate settings, which means mini splits — and this one in particular — give you unparalleled flexibility in making your home exactly as comfortable as you want, which is presumably “very.”

So it’s powerful, versatile, energy efficient, and green. How’s that for a great way to heat your home?


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