Brand Spotlight: BEST Range Hoods

Let’s take a minute and talk about BEST Range Hoods.

Italy has a reputation for the best in design elegance. Whether it’s fashion, cars, or anything else, everyone knows that the highest-quality designs come out of that little boot dangling off the bottom of Europe. BEST Range Hoods wants to bring the classic style and excellence of Italian design into homes here in the United States. This Nortek company produces range hoods inspired by the best in Italian manufacturing, each one as beautiful as it is functional. Available in a range of sizes, configurations, and price points, BEST Range Hoods are designed to meet your ventilation needs, whatever they may be and however your kitchen is put together.

BEST is an upscale hood line, so let’s start by casting a spotlight on their high-fashion Sorpresa collection. Sorpresa, Italian for “surprise” or “astonishment” — or even “treat!” — is a chic, top-of-the-line range hood collection featuring unique, seamless designs for every kitchen style.  These are decorative range hoods, usually available in brushed or high-gloss polished stainless steel and featuring quite operation in the 400-450 CFM range. Due to their nature as carefully-designed home fixture masterpieces, they’re normally only available in a single size, but offer a wide range of options and accessories to best accommodate it for your home, including non-ducted kits and flue extensions. And, perhaps best of all, each model features the Heat Sentry system, designed to detect excessive heat and turn to full power automatically, meaning you don’t have to manage your range hood while you’re cooking. That’s a level of convenience I know you can get behind!

At the next price point down, BEST offers the BEST Value Assortment — but don’t let the name fool you! While not the high-fashion designs of the Sorpresa collection, the BEST Value Assortment offers beautiful, quality, impeccably-designed range hoods made from the best materials  and components, with CFM ratings ranging as high as 500. They offer the same seamless construction and quiet operation, meaning they’re easy to clean and easy to use, and each of them is carefully designed to be a remarkable and attractive addition to your kitchen just as much as it’s a useful, functional range hood.

BEST Range Hoods are available in a wide variety of configurations, including wall-mount, island range hoods, downdraft, and pullout silhouette hoods. They also offer empty hoods in which you can install your own motors if that’s your style (not that you’d want to; their revolutionary PK22 power blower system offers best-in-class quiet operation, removes smoke up to 30% faster than comparable models, and is up to twenty-two times more energy efficient, to boot!).

BEST Range Hoods offer style and performance in one remarkable package.


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