Let’s Rock Black Friday

Black Friday will soon be upon us. The day after Thanksgiving here in the United States is traditionally the start of the commercial holiday season, and it’s when consumers across the country decide to start hitting the stores to stock the space beneath their trees with baubles and games of every kind. In response, retailers try to drive traffic to their businesses by offering deep discounts and deals of every sort in a bidding war for your patronage. On that day, above all other days, it’s a buyer’s market, and you can make out like a bandit if you play it right.

So here’s some tips to get the most out of Black Friday, courtesy of Appliances Connection.com.

1. Do your research!

You never know where the best Black Friday deals are going to be offered. So be sure to troll coupon sites, newspapers, and anywhere else you can think of that might be able to give you an exclusive, lowdown scoop on when and where you’ll be able to snag something special for a ridiculously low price. Lots of stores offer time-sensitive deals, too, meaning you can get extra savings for shopping even earlier.

2. Don’t Wait for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday can be a day to get some great deals you may not be able to find anywhere else, but you shouldn’t just wait for it. Internet retailers offer great pretty much every hour of every day. There may be some highly-publicized crazy deals the Monday after Thanksgiving, but don’t wait until then — trust your web dealers to have great prices straight through November. So there’s no need to load all of your online purchases into one frantic, stress-filled day. There are always top-notch deals online. When it comes to buying online, get it done, but don’t stress Cyber Monday.

3. Compare Price

The Internet gave us PriceGrabber for a reason: we have the power to compare prices across the web at a glance. Between PriceGrabber, Google Shopping, and other such services, this is the most empowered generation of consumers to ever grace Planet Earth. These amazing tools make finding out where you get the most bang for your buck as simple as it can possibly be. With features that allow you to compare options and configurations available at each price you can avoid inadvertantly buying a stripped-down, minimalist version of the product you’re after. Caveat emptor? Not anymore!

4. Be Early — But Not Too Early

Every year, the stores open their doors earlier and earlier, and some of them offer crazy first-in-the-door deals. Don’t do this. The stores will be ridiculously packed, and you’re not in for a shopping experience worth the deals. Be prepared to sardine your way through stores crowded to the walls, braving the longest lines you’ll ever encounter, all for a fifteen percent discount. Spare yourself the misfortune; there are better ways to get a deal. Let’s not forget that websites are open 24/7; so if you do find some magnificent deals available only in the wee early hours of Black Friday, you may not even have to put on your coat and head out into the night; instead, make yourself some pumpkin-spice hot cocoa and snuggle into the warm light of your computer monitor, and bring all the best deals right to your home.

And anyway, most of the great deals in the brick-and-mortar stores will still be going early Friday morning, so if you get there early enough after the holiday, you’ll still find yourself with plenty of discounted high-end merchandise.

5. Plan!

I can’t stress enough how much easier online holiday shopping is going to be. As above, the stores are going to be jam-packed, and nobody wants to have to struggle through the great human morass just to save a bit more on stereo equipment. Stores, by necessity, have limited stock; they only have what’s on the floor in most cases, and aren’t backed by warehouses. Shopping online is more convenient, more pleasant, and less likely to end in bitter disappointment. With online shopping, you’re simply much more likely to end up with exactly what you wanted at the price you want to pay. Otherwise, you stand the risk of waiting in line for hours just to find out that they’re fresh out of that new gadget you specifically went there to buy.

If you simply must shop in person, don’t just wade out blindly into the commercial chaos! Nothing is a better friend than a detailed plan of attack. Plot out our day, what you want to accomplish at each store, what savings you must have and then stick to it. Don’t linger in these retailers; get in, get your merch, and bolt for the next store. You only have so long, so make the most of your time with a disciplined and efficient plan.

Black Friday can be an amazing opportunity if you handle it right. So good luck, and good shopping!


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