Be Crafty with your New Dorm Room!

Moving out of your childhood home in order to attend college can be a terribly emotional experience, but shows a strong dedication to maturity and adulthood. Whether you choose to move to the other side of the country to attend a specialized university or rent an apartment in the next town over to stay local, being out on your own is a great experience that helps teach many of life’s most important lessons. Though your hands may be full with collecting transcripts and bidding farewell to family members, keep in mind that your living space may suddenly become much smaller once you move out. Often college-bound students lament the loss of their own room, and become resentful of their roommates for no reason other than needing to share a space with them. The following tips are intended to help the scholar away from home survive in a potentially cramped environment. 

Get to Know your Roommate’s Itinerary

College is a time for educational advancement, which generally means a good deal of studying. While being away from home also offers a heightened sense of liberty, it is important to remain courteous and keep in mind the needs of those with whom you live. Ask your roommate when they like to study, or need “quiet time” for other reasons, to avoid accidentally becoming a nuisance. The room is just as much theirs as it is yours, so reaching a compromise is the only way to maintain a healthy, happy relationship while sharing a room with a new friend. Don’t be afraid to inform your roommate of the times and days where you expect the same kindness. If you share a class, it might even help to set up a time to study together!

Determine Household Responsibilities

Very few people actually enjoy doing chores, but even fewer tend to enjoy living in a mess. Unfortunately, no one is going to elect to be the dorm room maid, so it’s best to discuss these things as soon as possible. Make a schedule and check list, taking all precautions to make sure the tasks are meted out fairly. Not only will this project you as a fair and unbiased roommate, it will also help to determine who isn’t pulling their weight. If you find that the house isn’t cleaned by the end of Monday morning, find out whose day that is and sit them down for a talk.

Look Toward Group Purchases

For better or worse, you and your roomies will be living together for the next several months or years! A good way to make the best of the situation is to enjoy furnishing the common areas together. Doing so on a budget can be even more fulfilling, as you can hunt for low prices and preferred styles as a group. Discount living room furniture is a good starting place, and then you can move on to finding a decent kitchen table! These little endeavors really help make the dorm feel like home.


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