Making Space in your Place

Summer is just about halfway over and many people are already preparing for the upcoming autumn season. Though it may feel as if you just got done Spring Cleaning your home or apartment, it is likely already filled with various knickknacks and souvenirs from all the recent warm weather excursions. It might be too soon to break out the cardboard boxes and pack stuff into the attic, but how else will you manage to make space in what feels like an increasingly shrinking home? Thankfully there are several tips and tricks on getting more room out of your house without needing to build an annex!

One of the easiest tricks to attempt is finding multiple purposes for each of the rooms in your home. Can a portion of the kitchen be used as a dining room? Is your basement finished enough to be used as a bedroom? There are several examples online of people combining the purposes of rooms to use space to its fullest. While you’re at it, consider what furniture you have in each room. If it’s possible, can you exchange any of those bulky chairs for build-ins? Why not invest in a washer dryer combo and reduce the wasted space in your utility room? Any little bit can help you find the extra space you need!

The real trick to making more space for yourself is to use the area you have creatively. Since you can’t add another room, what can the stuff that you already have do instead? Perhaps pieces of furniture can perform two purposes? Many shops sell tables that can be converted into sofas, or sofas that can be converted into beds for such purposes. Is there anything in your home that serves multiple purposes? If so, how has the added room helped in making your home feel more spacious?


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