Brighten your Home Without Lightening your Wallet

Summer is right around the corner, and what better time is there to start working on home improvement? Although the weather may be perfect, sometimes the cost that goes with seasonal projects isn’t always as sunny. If you still want to accomplish your goals on a small budget, there are still plenty of options for the “Do It Yourself” aficionado. So, before you shell out big bucks for a second-rate job or appliance, check out these brilliant alternatives!

Make Your Home Shine

Is your house a little less than new? Maybe the exterior is getting a little dirt? No problem! For half the price of what a professional would charge, you can easily rent a power washer and give your home an external scrub. A power washer generates much more force than a hose, so you can’t use it to cool off. However, as long as you stay in the shade as you wash the project can be a breeze.

Replace That Ugly Door

A beautiful home can be ruined if the first thing people notice is a hideous door. What sort of message are you sending when the most welcoming part of your home is chipped or broken? Installing a door is actually relatively easy when compared to everything else that goes into constructing a house, and they can be well within your budget. Not paying for labor will free up more funds for other projects, after all!

Fix Up That Bedroom

Are you still using the same shabby bedroom set from nearly a decade ago? Summer is the perfect time to change up the place where you sleep and give it an all new appeal! If you’re afraid of the expenses, there are plenty of places to pick up cheap bedroom furniture. You can even use the old furniture to make a guest room or activity room! If you can’t find something in a pattern that you like, put your ingenuity to the task and redesign an old piece you found!

Bring Mother Nature to Your Backyard

So, what should you do with all the money you’ve saved this summer? Taking a nice, relaxing break sounds like a great idea! Why should the most ambitious “Do It Yourself”-er be content with needing to go out for vacation? Wouldn’t it be perfect if the local lake or pond were right in your backyard? Well, for a few hundred dollars and a couple days of your time it could be! If the natural appeal doesn’t work for you, the same strategy can be used to install a swimming pool instead. These jobs would run for thousands of dollars if you contracted someone, but you can find everything you need to know online.


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