I’ve Furnished my Bedroom…Now What?


Your bedroom is your sanctuary – a little getaway spot to call your own. Just because you don’t often bring visitors in there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate it nicely and give it some ambience! A little goes a long way in a bedroom – some cheap bedroom furniture, light fixtures, and maybe some art can help you to create a soothing environment in which you can relax.


Lighting is extremely important for creating a restful ambiance. Don’t settle for centered ceiling fixtures; choose something a bit softer like lamps with lampshades. Be sure to go for a soft white bulb as opposed to something harsherand you may even find that putting dimmers on your light switch makes a huge difference. Shop around for lampshades that disburse the light in a way that creates a pleasing atmosphere, and don’t forget to arrange the fixtures strategically. For example, having a lamp by your bed for some night-time reading is always a good idea.


It’s not always in the cards (read: the budget) to swap out your carpet for hardwood or vice versa, but you can always add to your color scheme and create a neater look by strategically placing throw rugs. A lot of people like to put a big throw rug right under the bed to sort of frame it on the floor, which gives the room a more organized look. Choose a pop of color if the rest of your room is neutral, and use other small decorative accents to play off of it.


There are many different options for wall décor. Try getting a roll of stick-on patterned wallpaper and applying it to the wall behind your bed for a room-opening wall accent. For something less bold, find artwork that fits in with the color scheme of the room. There are many small touches you can add to accent any colors in your décor; decorative throw pillows, lamp bases, bed skirts, and curtains are subtle ways to bring the room together.


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