Healthy Eating Tips for Summer

Usually when people resolve at New Year’s to lose weight, their goal is to be swimsuit-ready by June. Let’s face it…that doesn’t always happen. But, hey, at least it’s never too late to get on the wagon, and one could easily argue that summer is the best time of the year for doing so. No one wants to be snacking on heavy, greasy food while sweating out in the heat, anyway, so you’ve got that as your foundation – here are some more tips for summer weight loss.

Stay Away from Summer’s Fattening Foods

Unfortunately, a lot of summer activities do have sneaky, calorie-packing culprits. Step away from the ice cream truck! If you’re going to a baseball game or concert, try filling up beforehand, so you can avoid those high-calorie (and needlessly expensive) hotdogs, nachos, and soft pretzels. Even better – swap out those giant frozen cocktails (which, depending on size, can add up to 900 calories) for some light beer.

Take Advantage of Fresh Produce

The best part of summer is the fresh produce stands on the side of the road. From summer squash to fresh tomatoes to summer berries, summer is the best time of the year for all-natural eats. You can use them for anything – slice up some lemons for some flavorful and refreshing water, or put some mangos on the grill as a delicious appetizer.

Speaking of the Grill…

If you don’t already have a grill, you should get to shopping! Grilling is one of the most delicious ways to prepare healthy foods like lean chicken, turkey burgers, shrimp kebabs, and more. A lot of the BBQ grills for sale are extremely inexpensive this time of year, and it’s a great investment to make. Nearly everything tastes great on the grill, just look up some recipes and get creative!


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