Back to School: Must-Haves for Every College Student

The college is picked and the move-in date is set.  Now all that is left before moving into the dorms is shopping.   While figuring out what to buy for your new room can be awesome and at the same time confusing, there are some dorm items that are a must-have for every college student. For example, every student needs an alarm clock and a laptop. Depending on the college or individual, here are a few essential items for every dorm room.

Add a few extra chairs for seating and entertainment.

Everyone hangs out in each other’s rooms, from a study group session to all of your friends getting together on a Friday night.  Unfortunately, most schools will only provide desk chairs.  Consider buying a comfortable lounge chair or bean bag chair so that your guests will have somewhere to sit.  Also, for entertainment, buy a game table so that you enjoy a fun game with friends. 

Warm your food up with a microwave.

In a cubicle of a dorm, there is very little space.  The perfect space saving appliance is a microwave. You can quickly warm up a meal right before class, whether it’s heating up a cup of soup or creating a small bowl of mac n’ cheese. 

Consider buying a compact refrigerator.

A mini fridge is a must have appliance for your dorm room, because they are great for storingcold drinks.  You will never have to visit the vending machine in the residence hall or visit the cafeteria across campus. Your best bet would be to get one that is compact, so you can put it right next to your bed.

Bring an extension cord and power strip.

Most dorm rooms do not have enough outlets. With your computer, alarm clock, and cell phone charger, there are a lot of electronics that need to be powered up into your room.  Bring along a couple of extension cords and a power strip for all of your gadgets. 

Remember to make a list of what the school will make available for your dorm.  Check out the school’s housing website to see what items will be provided in the roomto save time and money on something that is already provided in the dorm.


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