Top 5 Popular Grill

weber_grillMost people believe that everything taste better on a grill. With the warmer weather already here, most people will be barbecuing outdoors because it is fun and easy.  However, if you are in the market for a new grill, it can be confusing and frustrating with such a large variety of grills available and it can be hard to know where to begin.  You may ask yourself, “should I choose a gas grill or a smoker?” While there are many brands and features to choose from, keep in mind that when buying a grill, you should start with your cooking style.Ask yourself if you’re a seasoned grill master or only an occasional burger flipper.

Listed below are a few popular grills that are sure to help in making your decision.

1.)    If you love the taste of smoked meats, use a charcoal grill.

While charcoal grills are perfect for outdoor barbecues, they do require a lot of time and patience, including 15 to 30 minutes prep time. Most online appliance stores offer many different sizes of charcoal grills, from the smaller models that are perfect for camping to larger models that can be used for a tailgating party.

2.)    Do you like barbecuing your food fast and hot? Then purchase a gas grill.

Gas grills ignite quickly with a push of a button and after a few minutes of preheating you are ready to cook.  While most gas grills offer many quick and easy benefits, they also protect our environment by burning cleaner air. A few gas grills also come with a side burner, such as the Weber gas grill. With a side burner, you will not have to run back and forth because you can cook the side dish all at the same time.

3.)    If you live in an apartment, then consider an electric grill. 

Electric grills are perfect for people who still want to barbecue but can’t store a charcoal grill. All you need for the electric grill is an outlet.

4.)    Purchase a smoker if you want a low and slow barbecue.

Smokers come in a wide-selection of models, including charcoal and electric.  With most smokers, you have the ability to cook a thirty pound turkey.

5.)    If you are looking to boil stews or seafood then try an outdoor stove.

An outdoor stove will provide you with a home cooking experience outdoors.  Most of the time, outdoor stoves are overlooked because of gas and electric grills but they are a smart choice for outdoor cooking. Most online appliance stores sell individual burner units, which will provide cookers with a kitchen stovetop in the open-air.

Before buying a new grill, you should start by identifying your grilling style and follow these five tips to help you make a smart choice.  If you are in the market for a new grill, be sure to contact Appliances Connection for even more help in making a decision.


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