Summer Must-Haves for your Outdoor Living Area

Summer is right around the corner, and for many people, it’s the season for outdoor entertaining. Having friends and family in the backyard to grill, have a few drinks, and hang out around a fire is a favorite pastime for many, so you might as well put the effort into your outdoor living space if you’re going to be spending the majority of your nights there. If you want your backyard to be a magnet for guests, you’ve got to have the essentials, like seating and a Weber gas grill…and maybe a few “just-for-fun” accessories.



Decide on some lighting that fits the “mood” of your outdoor living space, but no matter what you choose, it’s got to be durable and bright enough. For a beach-themed backyard, try hanging colorful paper lanterns around the yard to brighten it up even at night. It seems that a lot of backyard hosts are fond of tiki torches, too, and solar-powered lamps that go into the ground are popular for walkways.


Drink Chillers

Whether it’s a mini fridge, a wine cooler, or one of those really cool DIY picnic-table-trough-hybrids, you’re going to need a spot to put drinks. When guests come over, they’ll likely bring a two-liter or a twelve-pack, and – even better for the host – they’ll often leave what’s left. Eventually your leftovers will add up and you’ll always have something to offer guests aside from what you stock yourself. It’s a win-win.



Find some way to make sure that guests have something to do when they come over, or you’ve got something to do when you want to spend the night in the backyard decompressing. Some people opt to put a television on their closed-in porch or install a sound system with speakers all around the backyard. Other options, of course, are fire pits, volleyball nets, an outdoor ping pong table, or, if you’re feeling really swanky, a hot tub.


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