presents “Sweet, Sweet Justice.”

You’ve had enough. You’ve played their game.

We’ve all endured the tyranny of the hotel minibar, and it has gone too long. The overpriced bags of mixed nuts. The heinously expensive soft drinks. The gold-plated thing of candy beans. All of it unmarked. All of it tempting. And you, me, everyone, caught in the trap: we want a beverage, but we don’t want to go anywhere. It’s all right there — so we eat and drink our fill, only to be slapped with the charges when we check out.

Thirty-dollar candy beans, people. That’s how they get you.

But no more. Now, we need no longer submit. Now, we have a minibar of our own: the Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center. It’s the hotel minibar, but free*, at home, and stocked with the things you love. Because you stocked it.

You’ve got so many possibilites.

You can keep it next to your couch when you watch baseball, full of brewskis for all your friends. You can keep it full of chilled trail mix, if that’s a thing you happen to enjoy. But you know what I suggest? Take it with you when you go on vacation, sit it right next to the hotel’s own, and use it instead. Fill its three black-wire shelves with full-size versions of every mini-thing they stick in there, taking full advantage of its 120-can capacity and 43F to 57F temperature range with the built-in mechanical thermostat, and enjoy your vacation. You don’t need to live in fear of the bill, buddy, because you came prepared.

That sound there? That low hum? Sure, it’s the sound of the motor keeping your drinks nice and cool. But it’s also the sound of sweet, sweet justice. Of minibar restockers with nowhere to put their wares. Of  maids wondering at the indentations in the carpet. Of hotel managers sobbing as they pace the hallways, wondering how their stranglehold on late-night snack satisfaction has at long last been crushed.

Put a hanger on the door: “Do not tread on me.” Also, you do, in fact, want turndown service.

Summer vacation just got a lot more palatable.

Stick it to those hotel chains at

*The stuff you put in it is free. You still have to buy the beverage center.


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